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Welcome To Express Mailing Service Where You Can Ship All Types Of products And Services World Wide

Global Mailing Services
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At Express Mail Logistics , we offer a variety of services like , Air Freight , Land Freight ,RailWay Freight and others

Global Mailing Services
Door To Door Delivery Service

Easy Shipping From Door 2 Door ., Global Knowledge and Expert Advice to Help Your Business Ship Internationally.

Global Mailing Services
Import/Export & Value Added Logistics

We can provide a whole range of value-added services in line with your requirements

Global Mailing Services
Insurance , Guarantee & Custom Service

Custom Clearance is very important in international trade with a legit insurance cover for your goods

Global Mailing Services
Global Logistics & Connections

Globalization Hits New Record High . We Ship All Type Of products And Services All Around The Globe .

Global Mailing Services
Express Delivery Service & Overnight Shipping

We Deliver with Speed!
Express courier delivery from the specialists in international shipping.

Global Mailing Services
Getting All Our Deliveries Right

At Express Mailing Services We Make Sure All Our Packages Are Delivered At The Right Time & Place .

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Your One Stop Logistics Solutions Provider

Operational Excellence​​

The history of Express Mail Logistic's leadership team is that of a buyer of freight capacity, not a seller. What this means to you is we have first hand experience what it means if a logistics provider has a competitive rate, but cannot deliver a shipment on-time and within budget.

Cloud Technology

Technology is the bedrock of the best logistics and supply chains in the world. Simply put, companies need the best transportation management technology to compete on a tactical or strategic level for its logistics & supply chain stakeholders.


We want to be there for you. With that said, we build partnerships beyond a vendor-supplier relationship and into a valued partnership where both sides exchange challenges and knowledge. Only then, can the best solutions be found to move your logistics and supply chain organizations forward in solving the cost, capacity and service equation versus being just another company with a rate and truck.

Industry Knowledge

Today's shipping environment challenges logistics professionals from all angles of the cost, capacity and service spectrum. The good news is there is more information about current market conditions that can be brought into focus to bring an incredible amount of knowledge to move your supply chain and logistics strategies forward.

Freight Capacity Solutions

Struggling to find reliable freight capacity at a competitive price and the highest service levels? Truckload, intermodal, LTL, expedited and cross-border shipping service solutions are just a phone call away.

Managed TMS Services

Want a better way to drive excellence and a competitive advantage in your Logistics and Supply Chain? You'll rest easy knowing your supply chain is operating at the highest level and delivering a competitive advantage.

Global Mailing Service

  • Home Delivery

Some shipments are just too important to be left alone. With Express Mail Service, we can have a staff member personally travel with your shipment and hand deliver it to the receiver.

  • Perishables Delivery

Perishables are time- and temperature-sensitive products that require careful handling and shipment processes to preserve their freshness. We ship perishables everywhere.

  • Pets & Animal Delivery

Are you a breeder, buyer or welfare group that needs pet shipping services? We are here to facilitate the shipping and delivery of your pets with love and care.


Track & Trace

Follow your shipments online from the moment you place the order to delivery at the final destination.

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Services & Solutions

Managed Transportation Services

We help shippers of all sizes advance their supply chain through our outsourced managed Express Mail logistics solution that removes their logistics worries, so they can focus on making their business great.

Rail Freight Fleet Management

Shippers can now realize value added services through InTek's rail division. Express Mail Logistic takes away the worries, so you can focus on your business. Boxcar, Covered Hoppers, Flatcars, Gondolas, Open Top Hoppers ... and more

Truckload, LTL & Expedited Capacity Services

With one call shippers can leverage Express Mail Logistic's network of 35,000 active and approved North American freight carrier capacity. With competitive rates and high service standards, shippers can rest easy knowing we have them covered.

Intermodal Transportation Services

Domestic 53' door-to-door intermodal transportation brings additional freight capacity to shippers at a competitive price. By tapping into InTek's class I railroad relationships, industry leadership and knowledge shippers will quickly realize the benefits of using intermodal as part of their logistics and supply chain strategy.

Supply Chain Consulting & Coaching Services

Express Mail Logistics helps companies harness their logistics data to identify specific areas to optimize its supply chain for cost, capacity and service, then helps to coach their team through implementation and continuous improvement.

Cross Border Shipping

Express Mail Logistics offers shippers numerous options to effectively navigate the regulatory, transit, cost and security challenges that are critical points in cross-border shipping associated with Canada-Mexico-United States.

International - Ocean & Air

Simplify your international logistics challenges by partnering with EML to managed mode selection, customs regulations and trade compliance filings to expand your global reach easily and effectively.

MercuryGate EML Technology Services

If your company is looking to purchase a transportation management system (EML), we are here for you with the MercuryGate cloud SaaS EML. Consistently rated in the top 5 by the Gartner Magic Quadrant yearly report, MG is arguably the last EML your company will ever have to buy.

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