Personal Delivery
Express & Overnight Shiping?

Some shipments are just too important to be left alone. With Express Mail Logistics, we can have a staff member personally travel with your shipment and hand deliver it to the receiver. 

The demand of our personal delivery system has been experiencing a steady rise over the years. Have peace of mind as our staff and trusted agents travel the globe with your very important shipment.

Express Mailing Service

Welcome To Express Mailing Service Where You Can Ship All Types Of products And Services World Wide .We Ship Everywhere At The Right Price.

Getting All Our Deliveries Right

At Express Mailing Services We Make Sure All Our Packages Are Delivered At The Right Time & Place .

Global Logistics & Connections

Globalization Hits New Record High . We Ship All Type Of products And Services All Around The Globe .

Express Delivery Services

We Deliver with Speed!
Express courier delivery from the specialists in international shipping.

Door To Door Delivery

Easy Shipping From Door 2 Door ., Global Knowledge and Expert Advice to Help Your Business Ship Internationally.

Timely Delivery Is Our Goal

We Strive To Ship All Packages And Deliver Them In Time To Meet Our Clients Needs

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